Bioclimatic Louvres

‘Decorial’ Motorised Aluminum Louvres or Openable Roofing or Operable Louvres are unique and innovative systems that are made up of aluminium slats guided by a specially designed sliding track which can be angled within an orientation of 0°  up to 95° degrees. This automated system permits light and air during a nice day but also able to be fully enclosed by a touch of a button to keep out rain, noise and the strong afternoon sun. In addition, these motorised aluminium louvres can also be applied vertically to ensure privacy and the control of natural elements such as heat, light and harmful UV rays.

This elegant design is the ideal solution for covering huge open areas for residential (terraces, detached or bungalows) as well as commercial purposes (holding events or functions). ‘Decorial’ Motorised Aluminium Louvres closes perfectly ensuring maximum shielding from the sun and a perfect seal from rain.

Its sleek design makes it adaptable to any environment, from the garden to the penthouses, pergolas, gazebos or porches. The maximum area of coverage is 5 feet wide by 5 feet projection, while it is possible to adopt modular solutions for large surfaces. ‘Decorial’ Motorised Aluminum Louvres comes with the option to fit hermetic seals and the gutters to direct rain water to along horizontally then down the vertical sides poles.

  • Classic Operable Aluminium Louvres (85mm louvre flaps)
    • Fully imported from Italy, our range of Classic Flap Louvres are 85mm aluminium painted slats with standard orientation from 0° to 80° which allows protection from sun and rain. The classic flaps are available in 85mm widths to allow customisation even for irregular shapes. The entire system can be operated by a control winch or by tubular motors and can be created into modular coverings.
  • Giant-Flap Operable Aluminium Louvres (163.5mm louvre flaps)
    • Fully imported from Italy, our range of Giant Flap Louvres is entirely made ​​of powder-coated aluminium. Giant Flaps can be mounted on structures made ​​of wood or aluminium while ensures an overall shield from the sun and excellent protection from the rain. This system comes with the option to fit hermetic seals and the gutters to direct rain water to along horizontally then down the vertical sides poles.
  • Retractable Giant-Flap Aluminium Louvres (Convertible with Full Skyview)
    • Fully imported from Italy, our range of Giant Flap CONVERTIBLE Louvres consists of 163.5 mm painted aluminium slats with rotary orientation from 0° to 95°. This unique motor-driven solution provides weather-resistant protection from sun, rain and snow (in other countries). Premium options include the possibility to create an aluminium-cladded modular structure with stainless steel screws, brass or steel with GEOMET® treatment. Being 100% unique in the market,
    • UNIQUE FEATURE: This range of rotary giant flap convertible louvres can be adjusted to the ‘OPEN’ position and fully retracted to uncover an unobstructed view to the sky. In addition, it can be equipped with a LED lighting system placed inside of the beams of the structure to create unique visual effects and satisfaction.

‘Decoral’ provides mechanical tubular motors which are the most ideal for retractable awnings, roller shutters and sunscreens & all other types of outdoor shades. Our range of tubular motors are fully imported from Italy and are the most compatible for a wide range of outdoor sunshades. Optimum force of tubular motors for retractable awnings are specified at 24, 40, 50 Nm (5-series) and  80, 100 & 120 Nm (6-series) by many world leading manufacturers.

  • 230 VAC – 50 Hz
  • Torque: 40, 50, 80, 100 & 120 Nm
  • Motor weight: only 2.6 kg
  • Hoisted weight: up to 92 kg
  • Protection rating (IP): 44
  • Manual mechanical limit switch with screw-based progressive adjustment.

Modes of Operation

  • Manual gearbox
  • Tubular electric motor
  • Automatic by wind-sun sensor or remote control

Compliance with International Standards & Technical Specifications

‘Decorial’ Motorised Louvres are tested to provide maximum shade from sun (100%) and rain protection of minimum 6mm/h. Detailed specifications, tender documents, certificate of compliance with international standards and endurance test reports are available upon request by our clients.

(CONFIDENTIAL – Available upon request by clients)

‘Decorial’ tubular motors are European Standard (EN) tested to be technologically reliable, efficient in performance, durable to endure wear and tear for a number of operations that simulate 10-15 years of intense activity. Resistance is tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).