Tensile Gazebo

A gazebo is often seen as a pavilion structure that are usually free standing or attached to a wall, roofed and open on all sides; they provide shade, shelter and ornamental features in a landscape. Decorial’s range of Gazebos are modular with basic modules ranging from 4 meters by 4 meters up to a maximum size of 15 meters by 15 meters.

Our range of ‘Decorial’ modular gazebos are made up of heavy-duty galvanized steel structures and come with built-in gutter to ensure rain water is collected in the parametrical beams and channeled to the ground through vertical pillars. Applications include restaurants, car parks, industrial warehouse, military grounds, airports, harbours, recreational areas & etc…

Types of Modular Gazebos

  • Our Italian principal produces modular gazebos with at least 37 different designs and more than 50 variants.
  • Each modules can be added to existing sides of each gazebo to allow convenient expansion at the end-users’ convenience.
  • Each module of gazebos are in ready to fit condition. Hence, they can be installed at site easily and reducing technical labour.
  • Rain water is collected in the perimetrical beams and channeled to the ground through the built-in gutters and vertical pillars.
  • No concrete footing required and can be dismantled within hours (considered as a temporary shade) while looking strong & sturdy.
  • Top fabric cover is made with European make architectural fabrics which have excellent UV protection, fire retardancy, tear resistant properties and an excellent product lifespan.

Compliance with International Standards & Technical Specifications

Our Italian principal manufacturer of modular gazebo is a certified UNI EN ISO  9001: 2008 (DNV CERT-05085-99-AQ-BRI-SINCERT) company  endowed with a SOA (Cat. OS33 class. II) qualification. Its designs and realisations include a wide variety of light covers  in order to satisfy the considerable demand of internal and foreign markets. The high quality materials used and the attention to detail in research and development, gives them the opportunity to create extremely practical and aesthetically attractive products to suit all locations and environments.

(CONFIDENTIAL – Available upon request by clients)

The main feature of these production is that they are produced in standard modular sizes but can also be produced to a customer’s specific requirements. Modular gazebo structures can also be quickly dismantled and moved to a different location if required. The company is also continuously researching the latest technical solutions and technological advances to produce an excellent quality-to-price ratio of all structural designs.