Customised Solutions / Special Fabrication

  • ‘Vera’, is a premium and elegant retractable fabric skylight system to perfectly integrate in above your existing glass skylight (for more effective heat reduction / glare control) or as a standalone self-supporting pergola system. Its aluminum extrusion cassette cover fully protects the system and fabric.
  • ‘Versazip’ is the windproof version of ‘VERA’. Similar to our EVOZIP Screen vertical blind systems, the ‘Versazip’ is a horizontal shading system with special zippers welded on fabric sides and held tension by the special aluminium side guides.
  • Our Retractable Tunnel system is a heavy-duty type framework which can range from 3 to 12 metres wide and up to 5 metres tall. There is no limit on the length on tunnel as the framework consist of prefabricated modules of approx.
  • This system is ideal from small applications (e.g. vehicle cover box) to large applications (e.g. functional swimming pool covers, football stadium, emergency response & etc.)
  • Requires precise dimension for pre-fabrication in Europe and indentation.
  • The all-new roller shutter with adjustable slat is a combination of privacy roller shutters and ventilation blinds.
  • When using the roller shutter, users face the options to retract for ventilation and sunlight; or extending for privacy and weather protection.
  • Our ‘Aluminium Adjustable Slat Roller Shutter’ combines natural ventilation, glare control, weather protection and intrusion protection all-in-one. The key feature is that the operation does not require special mechanisms in between the guides.
  • Architects have constantly sought for ideas to incorporate skylight into their design and it has been a continuous challenge for owners to protect or shield against intense solar heat and glare.
  • ‘Decorial’ offers Automated Fabric Skylight Systems with intelligent fabric which is effective to filter up to 92% of heat gain from sunlight and lowering power consumption for air conditioning by up to 40%.
  • Compared to simple square or rectangular coverage track-guided skylight solutions, we have special customized systems to fit any shape and size you can imagine! e.g. Triangular, inverted bottom-up screens, trapeziums, etc.
  • Contact us for custom-made projects using premium European components to ensure durable, long-lasting solutions!
  • Noise can be both a nuisance and a health hazard. Our range of acoustic performance fabrics are noise absorbent, technical and decorative with the following properties:
  • Acoustic absorption factor (αw) of approx. 0.35 to 0.8 (0 being lowest, 1 being highest absorption class)
  • Acoustic performance varies according to different configuration in example:
    • Loop blinds approx. 0.45 αw
    • Frame-mounted Screen approx. 0.7 αw
    • Stretched ceiling approx. 0.7 αw
  • In accordance with NF EN 20354 (ISO 354) – NF EN ISO 11654 International Standard
  • Thermal resistance up to 87% solar heat eliminated; Glare control of up to 100% of light ray filtering
  • Excellent mechanical resistance with perfect dimensional stability due to fiberglass core
  • Collapsible shade sail systems which are highly durable and individually fabricated to suit each project as and when you like!
  • Compared to other regular flat & inclined fabric solutions, the collapsible shade sail has intermediate flexible profiles to arch the fabric upwards, creating a sense of openness, generosity and comfort.
  • This system is powered by a unique pulley system in the supporting posts, providing effective wind pressure relief. Strong wind speeds are resisted by special counterweights.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) acts like the ‘brain’ of shading systems. As the term suggests, these PLC are programmable to achieve desirable outcomes at the touch of a button.
  • The concept of managing weather protection devices with PLC came about during our project design phase for Gardens by the Bay (GBB), Singapore. It has then been implemented in two GBB projects at Cool Nursery and Horticulture Park in Singapore.
  • Our PLC shading system can be controlled precisely in terms of percentage openness at different time of the day. e.g. 100% shading when sunlight and UV ray is expected to be the strongest, or 0% no shade when the sun sets. Intermediate percentage 25%, 50%, 75% can also be programmed to user preference.
  • The reason for choosing a sophisticated PLC system over common off-the-shelf shades/blinds automation devices is due to level of programmability. For GBB, we have also incorporated a communication link with a Building Management System (BMS). As such, our shading systems can be operated remotely from the control room or through phone or tablets (from literally ‘anywhere in the world’ with wireless app connectivity).
  • The ROS scheme has been implemented by the Singapore Government to help HDB retailers boost the vibrancy and competitiveness of HDB shops. The scheme has benefitted more than 4,600 shops from 57 HDB Town Centres and Neighbourhood Centres.
  • Weather protection is an important element in the ROS scheme. Useable outdoor space is maximized with proper, reliable and effective weather protection systems. e.g. rain is kept out of shopfront corridor, heat reduction for a cooler shopping environment, goods or products can be displayed at the extended space & etc. However, there are also underlying fire safety concerns like flame spread, ventilation, evacuation or escape routes.
  • We have designed an integrated shading system incorporated with passive fire protection and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In times of fire, heat or smoke detectors sends the signal to our independent control panel to activate emergency mode. All shading systems will be retracted to the ‘open’ position for ventilation and evacuation. Our built-in UPS system ensures the emergency mode can be activated even during power shortage or failure up to 8 cycles (8 opening + 8 closing).
  • UPS may be a very costly component in the system, and it requires regular maintenance (discharge + recharge). The benefit of having an independent control panel system for each HDB block or grouping is to ensure low upfront, maintenance or servicing costs. Having individual bulky control panels and UPS per retail unit takes up space and each retailer has to maintain their own UPS.
  • The threat of chemical, biological and radiological attacks is a key focus for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). These specialized vehicles have incorporated our deployable awnings and traction systems to erect temporary shelter with decontamination roller partition systems in the shortest time possible for emergency response. We have also widened our range of solutions to include emergency showers systems.
  • Hospital Decontamination Systems (HDS) are used to decontaminate casualties in the event of civil emergency involving hazardous material HAZMAT or Radiation Dispersal Device (RDD). We had joint discussions the Ministry of Health (Singapore), various doctors or professionals and consultants to design the HDS configurations.
  • During peace time, these systems may be retracted to ceiling level. During emergency, the specialized roller partitioning systems, decontamination traction system and decontamination showerheads will lower to operational height to carry out necessary decontamination activities.
  • With an integrated system control panel, this operation can be controlled remotely with a combination of even up to a few hundred automated systems thanks to our comprehensive group control system. We have implemented our integrated HDS systems in all major and upcoming hospitals in Singapore and have also begun introducing the concept to neighboring countries in the region.
  • Bird barricade systems are designed to prevent wild-life induced power outages. Our wide range of automated traction systems can suit all types of architectural layout, shapes and dimension. In Singapore, these systems are required mainly at hydraulic or crane lifting voids where large, non-track guided, flame-retardant and collapsible traction is necessary.

Being the pioneer in our industry with more than 30 years’ experience through our initial establishment and progress, ‘Decorial Pte Ltd’ accumulated abundant knowledge and technical know-hows. This allowed us to improve our capability to fully fabricate creative and ideal solutions for our clients. Apart from rain or shine solutions as our core business, ‘Decorial’ has also developed and fabricated highly complex tailor-made systems. Our ability revolves around the key points of (1) Traction, (2) Motorisation, (3) Incombustibility & (4) Restriction of Elements.

Our unique custom-made solutions has also been specially designed with advanced technologies and compliant to guidelines set by various authorities for usage in locations such as private enclosed spaces (PES), private roof terraces (RT), outdoor refreshment areas (ORA), emergency pandemic response, bird barricades, al’fresco dining areas, custom-built parasols, automated decontamination showerhead systems, roller partitioning zones and more. These developments are largely confidential, exclusive and unique tailor-made solutions which have countless possibilities. To date, ‘Decorial has designed and built solutions for various governmental and commercial entities in the whole of Southeast Asia (e.g. SAF, SCDF, BCA, PUB, MOE, Exxon Mobil & many more).

  • Spring-loaded Traction Arms
  • Aluminium Extrusion, Galvanised Steel
  • Tooth-Belt / Steel Rod / Cable Guides
  • Complies with International Standards for Endurance & Operation Cycles
  • Capability to hoist weight loads up to 40x times the actual weight of motor
  • State-of-the-art Obstacle Detection technology for precise & safe traction
  • Possibility for integration to Home or Building Automation & Security Access Control
  • Manual Gearbox, Electrical Switch, Remote Controlled, Heat / Smoke / Wind / Light Sensor
  • Fire-retardancy ratings up to ‘Incombustibility’ also referred to as ‘Class 0’ / ‘M0’ International Standard
  • Fibreglass base cloth with a polyurethane coating and 100% PVC free
  • Does not melt through prolonged exposure to flame and it emits smoke with extremely low or zero toxicity
  • Due to its Class ‘0’ classification, may be used for high fire hazard areas (e.g. high risk industries, decontamination areas)
  • Technical expertise on a wide range of fire protection systems to complement our quality systems such as heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire alarm panels to allow automatic operation for ventilation and ease of access when heat or flame is detected

Compliance with International Standards & Technical Specifications

‘Decorial’ has obtained the Building Construction & Authority (BCA) ‘L2’ Grading in the workhead category of SY06 & CR01 to guarantee excellence in workmanship for finishing & building products. Our in-house professional installation team are certified structural welding experts and undergoes technical modelling and design before fabricating each end-product. ‘Decorial’ traction solutions undergoes the stages of: (1)Technical modelling, (2)Stress-to-Break Test, (3)Resistance & Endurance Test according to International Standards. Following the NF EN 13561 International Standard, our arms are certified to meet the HIGHEST Class 3 rating to guarantee a minimum of 10,000 operation cycles  and minimum wind resistance of 49km/h (Beaufort scale 6 – 110N/m).

(CONFIDENTIAL – Available upon request by clients)

‘Decorial’ tubular motors are European Standard (EN) tested to be technologically reliable, efficient in performance, durable to endure wear and tear for a number of operations that simulate 10-15 years of intense activity. Resistance is tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).

‘Decorial’ range of Fiberglass material are tested to meet international standards for incombustibility, smoke opacity & mechanical endurance test. Reaction to fire of solar protection fabrics are tested in accordance with the French standard  M0-M1 (F) – NFP 92 503 and British Standard BS (GB) – 476 Pt 6 Class 0. Test complies with the measurement method specified in the standard, performed in real time (4-minute duration). To guarantee exceptional durability, these fabrics are tested to a minimum of 10,000 operation cycles, certified NF EN 13120, NF EN 13561.