Why us?

Decorial Pte Ltd is certified by Building & Construction Authority (BCA) with L2 Grading in the category of SY06 (Finishing and Building Products) which shows our specialization in sun shading fabrication and it also enables us to tender for projects amounting up to a million (S$1,000,000.00).

‘Decorial’ has evolved to become marketing-oriented from a sales-oriented company as consumers begin to realize the importance of quality than to opt for lower pricing. We saw this as an opportunity to differentiate from the majority who won’t hesitate to sacrifice product and quality standards as means to reduce costs for higher sales volume.

Marketing Concept


System Originality

Our range of Automated Systems are originally imported from Europe (mainly France & Italy). End-users should request for supporting documents like Original System Catalogues, Import Documents, Declaration of Compliance (to international standards) & etc. in order to conduct a fair comparison.

Installation Team

We are specialists in this industry and as part of our effort in quality control, we insist to use our own professional installation team. We do not outsource to other contractors as wrong installation methods may in turn affect the functionality and durability of the systems.

After-Sales Service

With more than 30 years of business, our reliable after-sales service can be justified by list of project references and track records. In addition, we have also been partnering with the same Principals since our establishment. At ‘Decorial’, we guarantee a minimum of 10-years spare part availability for our range of automated shading systems.

Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance Costs

Beware of vendors claiming to have original systems with no proof or having unqualified contractors perform the installation works as it may affect the functionality of the whole system. Customers should also beware of companies who boast about supplying and maintaining our range of ‘Decorial’ products as it is untrue and detrimental to the image of our brand. Moreover, these unqualified vendors might also damage our original systems while maintaining thus incurring further unnecessary costs in repairing the faulty parts.




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