Core Solutions



Automated Shading Systems
Broadening our expertise in incorporating Motorized Mechanism into exterior shading systems, Decorial Automated Shading Systems provide excellent control of glare, thermal gain, and coverage from rain. Depending on the intended application, our high-performance exterior fabrics – including Fiberglass based Screen, High Tenacity Polyester, and Water Repellent Acrylic Fabric – remain colorfast, resist damage from water and heat, remain dimensionally stable, and are resistant to rot.

Skylight Systems
Architects have constantly sought for ideas to incorporate skylight into their design. While it is artistically dazzling, it also represents a challenge for building owners to shade against intense solar heat and glare. ‘Decorial’ offers Automated and Permanent Skylight Systems with intelligent fabric which is effective to filter up to 85% Solar Heat and lowering power consumption of Air Conditioning by up to 40%. Water repellent fabric is also available for rain shading.

Modular Tensile Structures
With increasing demand for architectural fabric design with tensile structure, Decorial offers a full line of Modular Structures and small custom Membrane Structures to fit virtually any small to medium sized architectural fabric requirements. Sizes range from 3.00m x 3.00m to 15.00m x 15.00m in 1 unit, and can be joined into bigger span. Each design is so versatile that it can be dismantled, relocated, and stored when not in use. Modular Systems are great economic alternative to custom designed fabric structures – and ideal solution for exterior architecture, landscape designs, and shade applications.

Customised Design / Specialised Fabrication
Coupled with our experienced project team and huge resource of technological products, custom-designed solutions are available upon request.
Look at some of our Customised Design / Specialised Fabrication here.


Other Services

Technical Consultation & Tender Specifications
With the advancement of technology and design in the construction industry, there is high demand for unique, elegant, and stylist shading system. Nevertheless, the system’s functionality, durability and other details shall not be overlooked. At Decorial, our team of Project Consultants will advise you on the right application; from the technical specifications of system, material, installation method, to all other relevant details.

Building Management / Standardization of Shading Systems
Very often, buildings with great design face problems posed by bad weather, be it the solar heat and glare, or rain splashing into the premises. However, it is a major concern from the Developer and Owner on maintaining the design and uniformity of the building as installation of non-standardized systems will alterexisting building design, thus lowering the aesthetic and value of the property.
At Decorial, our professional consultant will conduct a thorough site survey, addressing your specific requirements and budget, and thereafter, proposing the perfect system application / fabrication with its detailed specifications, drawings, and other guidelines necessary to regulate the installation of these shading systems.

After-Sales Service
Being in the shading industry for the past 3 decades, we have attained unsurpassed track record and project references which a portion is contributed by contented returning customer. Our Principals have been with us since inauguration of our business, thus allows us to guarantee 10-years spare parts availability for our systems.