Do you want to create useable outdoor living space, add shade to your terrace, make it more pleasant to live in, or protect yourself from the sun’s rays? Decorial Pte Ltd can give you a one-stop solution!

Discover a range of quality, robust, safe, and cassette systems that adapt to all types of configurations. Many possibilities for customization are available: design, fabrics, frame colors, for an awning in your image!

Coupled with our experienced project team and large network of world-leading manufacturers, we import, stock, fabricate, combine the latest smart components from all over Europe to provide one-stop and top-quality solutions. Custom-designed solutions are also available upon project or special indent basis.


SCDF-Compliant Retractable Awning Systems

Is it necessary? Who is affected? Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has flagged fire safety requirements (FSR) on ALL outdoor shades (e.g. retractable awnings, fixed composite panel roof, outdoor blinds, etc). These outdoor shading systems are regulated by SCDF as Fire Safety Products (FSP) especially at outdoor refreshment areas (ORAs) or condominium patios/balcony or HDB [...]
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Modular / Heavy-Duty Tensile Gazebo

A gazebo is often seen as a pavilion structure that are usually free standing or attached to a wall, roofed and open on all sides; they provide shade, shelter and ornamental features in a landscape. Decorial’s range of Gazebos are modular with basic modules ranging from 4 meters by 4 meters up to a maximum [...]
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‘EVOZIP’ Track-guided Vertical Screens

Our ‘EVOZIP’ Screen System gives users full control of light, ventilation, heat reduction and rain protection. The complete cassette systems come with original aluminium extruded profiles and cover to ensure a perfect finishing for any condition. Besides fitting perfectly to existing balconies, it can also complement our range of modular outdoor shading solutions or framework. [...]
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Classic / ‘GIANT’ Retractable Arm-Type Awning

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Outdoor Fibreglass Sunscreen / Vertical Drop / Roller Blinds

Outdoor sunscreens or Outdoor Blinds or Vertical Drops are a range of technical fabrics which are supported by weather-resistant vertical stainless steel bars or stainless steel cable guides. To ensure maximum fabric tension, heavy duty lead-loaded aluminium bottom bars.

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Automated Tension Veranda / Pergola

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Automated Louvres / Operable Trellis

‘Decorial’ tubular motors are European Standard (EN) tested to be technologically reliable, efficient in performance, durable to endure wear and tear for a number of operations that simulate 10-15 years of intense activity.

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Customised Solutions / Special Fabrication

Motorised Panoramic Glass Balustrade / Skylight Do you like having the clear view of a glass balustrade? Do you like having control of weather protection like on our ‘EVOZIP’ vertical screen systems? Introducing our Motorised Vertical or Horizontal Panoramic Glass Balustrade system… A new trend of smart weather protection that maximise your outdoor living areas [...]
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Professional Services

Technical Consultation & Tender Specifications

With the advancement of technology and design in the construction industry, there is high demand for unique, elegant, and stylist shading system. Nevertheless, the system’s functionality, durability and other details shall not be overlooked. At Decorial, our team of Project Consultants will advise you on the right application; from the technical specifications of system, material, installation method, to all other relevant details.

Building Management / Standardization of Shading Systems

At Decorial, our professional consultant will conduct a thorough site survey, addressing your specific requirements and budget, and thereafter, proposing the perfect system application / fabrication with its detailed specifications, drawings, and other guidelines necessary to regulate the installation of these shading systems. It is a major concern from the Developer and Owner on maintaining the design and uniformity of the building as installation of non-standardized systems will alter existing building design, thus lowering the aesthetic and value of the property.

After-Sales Service

Being in the shading industry for the past 4 decades, we have attained unsurpassed track record and project references which a portion is contributed by contented returning customer. Our Principals have been with us since inauguration of our business, thus allows us to guarantee 10-years spare parts availability for our systems.

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