Being the pioneer in our industry with more than 30 years’ experience through our initial establishment and progress, ‘Decorial Pte Ltd’ accumulated abundant knowledge and technical know-hows. This allowed us to improve our capability to fully fabricate creative and ideal solutions for our clients. Apart from rain or shine solutions as our core business, ‘Decorial’ has also developed and fabricated highly complex tailor-made systems. Our ability revolves around the key points of (1) Traction, (2) Motorisation, (3) Incombustibility & (4) Restriction of Elements.

Our unique custom-made solutions has also been specially designed with advanced technologies and compliant to guidelines set by various authorities for usage in locations such as private enclosed spaces (PES), private roof terraces (RT), outdoor refreshment areas (ORA), emergency pandemic response, bird barricades, al’fresco dining areas, custom-built parasols, automated decontamination showerhead systems, roller partitioning zones and more. These developments are largely confidential, exclusive and unique tailor-made solutions which have countless possibilities. To date, ‘Decorial has designed and built solutions for various governmental and commercial entities in the whole of Southeast Asia (e.g. SAF, SCDF, BCA, PUB, MOE, Exxon Mobil & many more).


Types of Traction Systems
  • Spring-loaded Traction Arms
  • Aluminium Extrusion, Galvanised Steel
  • Tooth-Belt / Steel Rod / Cable Guides
  • Complies with International Standards for Endurance & Operation Cycles


Types of Motor Technology
  • Capability to hoist weight loads up to 40x times the actual weight of motor
  • State-of-the-art Obstacle Detection technology for precise & safe traction
  • Possibility for integration to Home or Building Automation & Security Access Control
  • Manual Gearbox, Electrical Switch, Remote Controlled, Heat / Smoke / Wind / Light Sensor


Types of Incombustible / Fire-Retardant Materials
  • Fire-retardancy ratings up to ‘Incombustibility’ also referred to as ‘Class 0’ / ‘M0’ International Standard
  • Fibreglass base cloth with a polyurethane coating and 100% PVC free
  • Does not melt through prolonged exposure to flame and it emits smoke with extremely low or zero toxicity
  • Due to its Class ‘0’ classification, may be used for high fire hazard areas (e.g. high risk industries, decontamination areas)
  • Technical expertise on a wide range of fire protection systems to complement our quality systems such as heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire alarm panels to allow automatic operation for ventilation and ease of access when heat or flame is detected


Compliance with International Standards & Technical Specifications

‘Decorial’ has obtained the Building Construction & Authority (BCA) ‘L2’ Grading in the workhead category of SY06 & CR01 to guarantee excellence in workmanship for finishing & building products. Our in-house professional installation team are certified structural welding experts and undergoes technical modelling and design before fabricating each end-product. ‘Decorial’ traction solutions undergoes the stages of: (1)Technical Modelling, (2)Stress-to-Break Test, (3)Resistance & Endurance Test according to International Standards. Following the NF EN 13561 International Standard, our arms are certified to meet the HIGHEST Class 3 rating to guarantee a minimum of 10,000 operation cycles  and minimum wind resistance of 49km/h (Beaufort scale 6 – 110N/m).

 Certificate-of-CE-compliance Arms-Endurance-Test  d-fiberglass-M0-classification  m-fiberglass-M0-classification

(CONFIDENTIAL – Available upon request by clients)

‘Decorial’ tubular motors are European Standard (EN) tested to be technologically reliable, efficient in performance, durable to endure wear and tear for a number of operations that simulate 10-15 years of intense activity. Resistance is tested to extreme temperatures and specific operation tests of the control units under electromagnetic interference (induced and conducted noise).

‘Decorial’ range of Fiberglass material are tested to meet international standards for incombustibility, smoke opacity & mechanical endurance test. Reaction to fire of solar protection fabrics are tested in accordance with the French standard  M0-M1 (F) – NFP 92 503 and British Standard BS (GB) – 476 Pt 6 Class 0. Test complies with the measurement method specified in the standard, performed in real time (4-minute duration). To guarantee exceptional durability, these fabrics are tested to a minimum of 10,000 operation cycles, certified NF EN 13120, NF EN 13561.



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