‘Decorial’ Fabric Replacement for Giant-Arm Retractable Awning in Singapore (Renowned Primary School)

Giant Retractable Awning Fabric Replacement Singapore Renowned Primary School


Just completed a fabric replacement job for a ‘Decorial’ Giant-Arm retractable awning (21.50m x 4.0m) at a renowned primary school in Singapore. These ‘Decorial’ retractable awnings were installed since year 2007 and are still operating perfectly to date (10 years). We emphasise on long-term product durability, serviceability and performance. In fact, we have systems lasting even more than 20 years’  with less or no maintenance required (e.g Parkview Holiday Inn – 36.0m x 5.0m x 4.0m coverage).

We are the sole/exclusive distributor for all ‘ROCHE’ products, which are directly imported from France, while others may provide refurbished/reconditioned/imitation products. In addition, we are also authorised to customise, fabricate and provide maintenance with a guarantee on spare part availability of minimum 10 years.

This is a truly lasting solution which offers lower depreciated cost over the entire system lifespan. Besides the excellent product lifespan, end-users may also choose to repair/replace individual spare parts when necessary instead of replacing the entire sun shading system to save cost on their side. Call us at +65 6742 4221 or email us at [email protected] to enquire!


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‘Decorial’ Premium Modular Gazebo with Retractable Awnings in Singapore

Introducing our ‘Decorial’ Premium Modular Gazebo with Retractable Awnings concept in Singapore. These heavy duty galvanised steel structures are designed, manufactured, tested and fully imported from Italy. The key highlights of this modular gazebo system are:

  • Extremely weatherproof (tested to withstand even up to 8cm of snow load in Europe) and fire retardant/resistant fabrics that achieve up to Class 0 fire rating
  • Able to be dismantled and reinstalled  to allow temporary coverage which is perfect for events, carparks, retail space & more
  • Sturdy structural design to enable mounting of additional ceiling fans, lightings & other accessories (even awnings which weigh a few hundred kilograms in total)
  • Built in water drainage system to ensure collected rain water is channelled through the corners and to the down pipe (possible to link to underground drainage)
  • Optional accessories include PVC side covers, sliding glass doors and more (to allow air-conditioning)

For more detailed information about the two products, do kindly visit Modular Gazebo Singapore and Retractable Awning Singapore. Call us at “+65 6742 4221” today or email us at “[email protected]” to enquire on our range of French retractable awnings and Italian modular gazebos!

Decorial Customised Shade Project at Holland Road Luxury Cluster House Development (Retractable Awnings + Fixed Canopies)



Parties Involved: Developer, Owners, MCST, Managing Agents

Quality Products for Quality People

This is a luxury cluster house development located in district 10. The entire development comprises a total of 82 prestige cluster house units which are 4-storeys tall. Apart from the exclusive and luxurious resort living experience, the developer wanted to incorporate customised shade solutions for both rain and solar protection for the end-users. Within the past few weeks, we have completed more than 25 units of customised European shades with more to come as per scheduled.

Cost-Effective Premium European Shades 

‘Decorial Pte Ltd’ is proud to be the sole nominated sub-contractor in charge of designing and building all outdoor shades for the development. We have been through product presentations, tender interviews and we are certain that we have been selected not based on lowest pricing nor cheap products but for the quality, elegant and effective one-stop solution that we cater. For the Holland Road Project, we have fine-picked exclusive systems from France, tubular motors from Italy and technical fabrics from Spain.


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Often Copied, Never Equalled

Upon project award, we can guarantee you the absolute peace of mind. We will help to ensure:

  • All-rounded coordination amongst all parties involved: Developers, Builders, Architects, Designers & Owners
  • Fully custom-made: Unit-by-unit measurement, design & build.
  • CAD drawings to incorporate into building design with artist’s impression
  • Professional advice on all possibilities and weighing of pros and cons
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines and submission to various authorities

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No Lies & No Hidden Costs

We make every cent of the project sum worthwhile with no hidden costs and no sales gimmicks. Though it may be true that our pricing are not always the lowest as compared to other vendors who provide locally manufactured or China systems, we include exceptional after-sales service and free consultation. All our products come with underlying import documents and test certificates.
We prefer not to compromise on quality in return for quantity as we appreciate every customer/client and assume a long-term relationship with our business acquaintances. In addition, our quality shade solutions are fully imported from Europe and can last even up to 20 years or more with proven track records.
Call us at +65 6742 4221 or email us at [email protected] today to enquire on our range of Decorial European shade solutions.

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